Collecting Gold And Silver For Fun: Easy Places To Look For Pieces

14 July 2016
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If you are wanting to get into collecting gold and silver as a hobby, then you want to know the best and easiest places to look for your pieces. Broken or outdated jewelry, collectible items, and other trinkets are all things you should look for when building your investment. Here are easy places to look for precious metals so you can get started with your fun and potentially profitable hobby. Read More 

4 Famous Weapons Used In Martial Arts Movies You Can Collect

5 June 2016
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If you're a fan of Kung Fu movies, or ninja movies, then you know how popular weapons are in those films. Below you will find a list of 4 famous weapons and a brief description of them so that you can identify them from your favorite film. So, if you're a martial arts movie buff and always wanted to have one of the weapons depicted in your favorite film, then go ahead and choose your favorite and add it your collection. Read More 

Why Greek Life Might Be For You

27 May 2016
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Greek life exists with the purpose of fostering a sense of community. Greek fraternities and sororities have been a part of university culture for over a century, and for many who have attended college, Greek life was their favorite part of the experience. However, if you think that Greek life isn't for you, it is important to understand the purpose of this system and to dispel many of the stereotypes. Read More